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Destin Dinner Cruises Aboard Nice Tri

Captain Pam is offering Destin Dinner Cruises aboard her sailboat, Nice Tri. Everyone loves a water view while eating a nice meal. Well, imagine sailing the beautiful waters of Destin while you enjoy your favorite foods. It doesn't get much better than that! Read this blog for more information on our dinner cruise.

Private Dinner Cruise

So how does it work? If you want to have a Destin Dinner Cruise, you can have your dinner prepared by Artistic Catering, a local caterer Captain Pam works with and highly recommends. You are responsible for planning the catering once you book your trip, and the caterer will deliver the food to the boat on the dock. Or you can order take-out from a local restaurant and bring your food with you on the boat.

If you prefer to bring food and drinks from your favorite restaurant, Captain Pam recommends some of her favorite local restaurants. Some of her favorites include Harbor Docks, Moe's Barbeque, The Local Market, and Burrito Del Sol. You can place a pick-up order at these restaurants and bring your food onboard when you arrive at the dock.

Dinner Cruise Ideas

You can have a dinner cruise during any of our charters. For example, you can have a picnic on your snorkeling tour with the family. Or you may plan a romantic dinner with your sweetheart on a Sunset Cruise. Or you can arrange to have appetizers and drinks on a Fireworks Tour. It is entirely up to you which charter package you decide.

The Sailboat Charter & Captain

Nice Tri is Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures trimaran. The sailboat has plenty of seating areas and places to relax on the boat. You can use Bluetooth to play your favorite tunes and make the experience your own.

Captain Pam has been chartering the waters of Destin, Florida, for many years. She offers a family-friendly water excursion that is perfect for all ages. If you want to learn more about how our charters work, check out our Pricing and Booking. You can also learn more about our specific sailing packages by exploring the website.

Year Round Destin Dinner Cruises

For more information, please Contact Us. You can also call Captain Pam directly at 850-368-5921 if you have specific questions not addressed on the website. Finally, get social with us by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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