Jump In, The Water's Perfect 🙂

Smile N Wave Snorkeling Charters offer a great way to experience the amazing marine life and beautiful waters of Destin Florida while enjoying the sunshine. Snorkeling charters offer Sand Dollar hunting, find tons of neat shells, maybe spot a few starfish and of course the chance to see our amazing scenery, up close and personal.

While on the boat and during snorkeling, you will have the best view of our natural aquatic life here. Taking a sailing charter for Snorkeling is great fun for the entire family, is safer than scuba diving, and less expensive than buying your own submarine 😀

Snorkeling In Paradise

Snorkeling has been part of coastal life since the days of Aristotle and beyond. This fantastic and leisurely activity can be enjoyed with little effort. The clear emerald waters of Destin, Florida facilitate a wonderful experience that you'll not soon forget. Destin has more to offer than white sandy beaches and emerald water, exploring our aquatic life is something you will want to experience every time you visit our area.

There are so many interesting and intriguing places to visit along the coastal beaches that cannot be reached by car. Nestled in these hidden treasures are places to explore and get an up-close look at fascinating aquatic life like Blue Crabs, Seagrass beds, and many beautiful types of fish, and colorful shells. You may also see the turtles and dolphins we see on most of our sailing charters.

Snorkeling Spots

Snorkeling near the Destin Pass Jetties offers even more possibility of spotting our wonderful marine life. The jetties have a reef like structure where our aquatic life love to gather. There are also a lot of underwater sinkholes and seabed grass that house tropical fish that make for great viewing all along the shallow waters and coastlines of the Emerald Coast.

Snorkeling Adventures On Our Sailing Charter

Our Sailing Tours are available year round but Snorkeling the Emerald Coast waters is best during the late Spring through the late Summer and Early Fall months when the water is warm and clear. The clear Emerald waters make it easy to spot our aquatic creatures and find seashells among other cool underwater treasures. Snorkeling on the Emerald Coast is an exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including small children. Everyone will love swimming with the schools of fish.

Snorkeling involves flippers, a breathing tube (snorkel) and goggles. We provide everything you need to experience this unique underwater paradise, including the snorkeling gear. Just bring your energy and a few of your friends and family, we'll bring the necessities and fun! Don't forget your sunblock and waterproof camera.

Make Your Charter Do More

Destin is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We all know about the white pristine beaches and different types of boating. This area has a lot to offer but there is no better way to create remarkable memories than to get in the water and get familiar with the marine life face to face. The beauty and magic of the underwater world of the ocean is unlike any other experience. Join us on a snorkeling adventure this Spring or Summer.

If you can't decide on a particular sailing tour, you can book time to see more. You can create the perfect sailing charter by combining more than one of our sailing tours. We offer Dolphin Excursions that would be a great way to extend your Florida experience and to see even more of our favorite spots.

Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures is a sailing catamaran. On this sailing yacht, you will find a great stereo system, water refreshments, and an onboard restroom. Our sailing charters are designed for romantic ventures, family outings, or girls and gals trips. Captain Pam offers knowledge and expertise on every charter. She will give you information about sailing our local waters, the area's history and aquatic life in Destin Florida.

If you have never snorkeled before, you probably have a lot of questions. It is good to have an experienced guide who can give you great tips and show you the best places for viewing aquatic life. Bring your friends and family for the best sailing tours in Destin. We love making new friends and we can't wait to introduce you to some of ours. Contact us directly to book your sailing tour. We hope to see you soon!

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