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Snorkeling Tours

The Water is Perfect 🙂

Smile N Wave Snorkeling Tours offer a terrific way to experience the amazing marine life and beautiful waters of Destin, Florida, while enjoying the sunshine. While snorkeling, some things you may find are Sand Dollars, tons of neat shells, and even starfish. Then, of course, the chance to see our fantastic scenery, up close and personal.

Ever Been Snorkeling?

Snorkeling near the Destin Pass Jetties offers even more possibility of spotting our incredible marine life. The jetties have a reef-like structure where our aquatic life loves to gather. There are also a lot of underwater sinkholes and seabed grass that fish make their home and are excellent for viewing all along the shallow waters and coastlines of the Emerald Coast.

Our Sailing Tours are available year-round, but Snorkeling in the Emerald Coast waters is best during the late Spring through the late Summer and Early Fall months when the water is warm and clear.

Snorkeling has been part of coastal life since the days of Aristotle and beyond. Fantastic and leisurely activities with little effort. The clear emerald waters make it easy to spot our aquatic creatures and find seashells, among other extraordinary underwater treasures.

Snorkeling involves flippers, a breathing tube (snorkel), and goggles. We provide everything you need to experience this unique underwater paradise, including the snorkeling gear. So bring your energy and a few of your friends and family, and we will provide the necessities and fun! Don't forget your sunblock and waterproof camera.

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