Spring Break Snorkeling Trips in Destin

We are approaching the warmer months, and now is the time to book your Spring Break Snorkeling Trips with Captain Pam. Her trimaran is ready and waiting to take you and your group sailing to enjoy the best of what Destin has to offer. Captain Pam suggests booking at least a three to four-hour trip for this adventure. Three hours is the minimum and will give you plenty of time to enjoy a fun afternoon of swimming and snorkeling. Our sailing charters allow up to six passengers, so bring your family or your friends for a relaxing day on the water.

Our Snorkeling Trips

On a snorkeling trip with Captain Pam, you will travel to the “Grass Flats.” The grass flats are a great place to get out of the boat and get into your snorkeling gear. In this shallow water, you will disembark the sailing trimaran and enter where the water is about waist deep. You are then free to swim and snorkel around the grass flats at your leisure.

You can witness small fish swimming in their habitat in the grass flats. Some other things you may see while on a snorkeling trip with our sailing charter are seashells, blue crabs, hermit crabs, sand dollars, various fish, and the occasional seahorse. Captain Pam allows you to bring one hermit crab onboard for a crab race before releasing them back to the water.

Join Our Snorkeling Adventures

Our snorkeling trips are easy to plan; all you need to bring is a towel, sunblock, swimming clothes, and a waterproof camera if you have one. Our charter provides everything you need for a fantastic snorkeling experience, including the snorkeling breathing device, goggles, and flippers available for all age groups. If you would like to book a Spring Break Snorkeling Trip, our charters fill up quickly in the Spring and Summer seasons, so Contact Us to reserve yours today. Also, get social with us on Facebook to stay updated on our charters.

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