This Is Why You Should Book A Sailing Charter For Your 2017 Spring Break

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What makes Destin so gorgeous? In this blog, we will discuss what makes Destin so unique and some of the natural landscape you will be sure to enjoy while vacationing in Destin. The Emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico are the clearest at this time of year. Now is the perfect time to book your sailing charter in Destin Florida. Starting in Spring and ending in Fall, the waters remain a beautiful mixture of blue-green that makes Destin Florida such a desired vacation spot. Our sand is soft and some of the cleanest you will find on any coastline.

The Emerald Water

Our Emerald Water gets its color due to the distance from the muddy Mississippi River. The further the distance from the Mississippi River and it’s muddy sediment, the more clear the water. This is why Gulf waters further west are a darker color with not much vibrancy. It is also said that the algae on the sea floor also creates the more greenish hue.

Our White Sand

The Emerald Coast’s sugar white sand gets its beautiful color from the Apalachicola River, which stretches 130 miles east of Fort Walton Beach. The quartz sand material from these mountains is carried and delivered by the river depositing the sand along the Destin shores. This quartz sediment is also carried into the Gulf by way of streams, lakes and other tributaries. Due to its oval shape, the sand gives a squeaky sound when walking on it.

Be Mindful Of The Sand Dunes

Destin’s sand dunes are home to our natural wildlife, including bird and sea turtle nesting areas. When visiting Destin, you will quickly notice signs that warn you to stay off the dunes. This is also because the sand dunes act as a barrier and protector for our coastline during bad weather and heavy winds. As the sand is deposited onto the dunes, sea oats start to grow. These sea oats create a layer on top of the dunes and protect it from erosion. Too much activity on these dunes could cause our coastline damage so please be mindful of our dunes.

Emerald Coast Barrier Islands

The Emerald Coast is lined with many barrier islands. Barrier islands act as a buffer from storm waves. Okaloosa Island is one of the larger barrier islands. All of our barrier islands make a great nesting and landing ground for some of our gorgeous bird species, the Brown Pelican, Sandpipers, Seagulls and even some Bald Eagles.

Book Your Sailing Charter With Smile N Wave Today

Smile N Wave is your number one choice for Sailing Charters in Destin Florida. Our Sailing Charter will give you the best views of our gorgeous piece of Paradise. Captain Pam offers an interactive sailing tour with guided information about our area and the wildlife that inhabits our waters. She will also show the ins and outs of sailing to any curious passengers who want to learn more about the sailboat.

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