Nice Tri Charter Boat – Look for the Smiley Face

Nice Tri Charter Boat, Trimaran, is Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures' newest addition to Captain Pam's growing fleet. Thankfully after some trial and testimony, Captain Pam is sailing again on her new and bigger sailing charter boat, Nice Tri, geared up and ready to take you and your family on a relaxing and fun sailing adventure.

Smile N Wave Expands Fleet

Our surname boat, Smile N Wave, is out of commission until further notice. Earlier this year, the boat Smile N Wave went through a microburst, devastating the boat but thankfully, everyone was safe. We hope to bring it back as soon as possible.

About Nice Tri Charter Boat

Two nets seat 1 to 2 people per net, and it is a great way to relax and view the Gulf of Mexico and get up close and personal with our marine life. There is seating in the shade and twice the deck space as the catamaran. There is a sitting area below to get out of the elements if needed. The boat has a marine-grade toilet for urinating only.

 A note from Captain Pam

Here is a little note from Captain Pam about her experience this year.

 A message from Captain Pam

I started Smile n Wave Sailing Adventures at the end of 2015. I never imagined God would lay it out the way he did. Through ups and downs, he has planned something bigger than I could imagine. I learned to trust him and always keep pushing. I have met the most amazing customers that have become friends through this business. I cannot imagine doing anything else, and being off the water since July 1st has had its upside and downs. I got to see my son off to college and spend time with my family. Daniel and I have poured our blood, sweat, and literal tears into Smile n Wave Sailing's new addition. It has been challenging, and I've wondered how is this going to work? Well, yall, it's working, Not on my time. So close to splashing this sweet victory, and I could not have done it without the community's support and the support of Emerald Coast Yacht and Diesel Service LLC. Thank yall. Dream big. Don't quit. Trust God with all of it. Give him the glory. Keep pushing. Big things are coming soon, so be ready.

Booking With Us

2020 has been a year of many challenges for the entire world. We recognize the hardships everyone is enduring and lives lost. We also remember what is most important in our lives. And have faith that things will get better. Time and fun with family are vital for our well-being. Sailing on a private charter with your family and relaxing for a while in nature is something we could all stand to do more. Plan a trip with Captain Pam if you are in the area. Book Online or call 850-368-5921.

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