Snorkeling Adventures In Destin Florida

Snorkeling Adventures In Destin Florida

Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures loves to entertain your family and friends aboard our sailing catamaran. The Gulf waters of the Emerald Coast is the perfect place to view amazing sea life and interesting creatures in their natural habitat. If you have never snorkeled the waters of Destin Florida, you are missing out on a truly awesome experience. Snorkeling aboard our sailboat will be a memorable time at sea.

Join Us For A Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling does not require a lot of equipment. All you need for this activity is a breathing apparatus, known as a snorkel and some swim fins. Unlike diving, snorkeling does not require you be certified. Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures provides everything you need for snorkeling. Remember to bring your sunscreen, swimsuits, towels, drinks, and snacks. On a guided snorkeling tour, Captain Pam will show you the perfect spots to snorkel and relax in the sun. Snorkeling is also a great activity for families with small children.

Destin is host to some of the best shelling you will find anywhere. A snorkeling tour is a perfect way to get acquainted with the coolest living creatures in Paradise. The beauty of our area is some of the best scenery you will see anywhere in the world. You will love the crystal clear waters and soft sand of the Emerald Coast. Our marine life is always on the move so you are sure to spot the most amazing creatures while on an adventure with Smile N Wave.

Aquatic Life In Destin

The marine life in Destin Florida consists of thousands of species of plankton, crab, fish, dolphins, turtles among many others.  Some have even spotted seahorses and starfish! Our aquatic life is easy to spot in our crystal clear emerald waters. You will not only observe many amazing creatures on our snorkeling tour but also find things like sand dollars and cool shells. It is even possible you will spot one of our friendly dolphins while on our snorkeling cruise. Read more about our dolphin marine life in our previous blog, Dolphin Cruises In Destin Florida.

Choose Your Sailing Adventure

Our sailing tours are available year round. We have a variety of sailing tours to choose from that are perfect for your entire family. If you are a couple looking for a romantic adventure, check out our Sunset Sail and Moonlight Cruise.  Our cruises can be combined so you can enjoy hours of adventure at sea.

Captain Pam loves sailing and all who come aboard Smile N Wave will find a knowledgeable and fun captain who makes every sailing charter an adventure. Learn more about our Sailing Tours and Charters. If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook.


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Sailing Aboard Smile N Wave

We are sailing aboard Smile N Wave in beautiful Destin Florida. Summertime has been an exciting time here on the Emerald Coast. As people from all over the world arrive, they are looking for an adventure. A sailing charter gives you a gorgeous view of our area that you will miss if you stay on the shore. During your sailing adventure, you will have the chance to view our coastal wildlife in its natural habitat.

Birds In Paradise

Here on the Emerald Coast, we have a wide variety of wildlife including bottle-nosed dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and over 300 different species of birds. Today we want to tell you about a few of the magnificent birds that fly over our waters and inhabit our beaches.


Sandpipers are small shorebirds that run along the beaches of Destin in large groups. It is interesting to note that the females take the lead while the male Sandpipers raise the young. These birds have thin bills that aid them in their feeding habits. They can often be found on the shoreline digging their bills in the sand searching for insects and crustaceans.

Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is an amazing wading bird that does not seem to be affected by the presence of humans. They can often be found in marinas and on the fishing piers and docks in Destin. These long legged and wide winged creatures are the largest of all North American species of Herons. This bird can adapt to practically any type of wetland.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelicans are the smallest of the Pelican species but is larger than most other shorebirds that are in Destin. These birds are very easy to identify. Their large bills make it possible to carry fish easily. The Brown Pelican is fun to watch as they swoop low above the water and while they are feeding as they dive into the water to catch their meal. Both male and female care for their young.

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle in Northwest Florida, courtesy of Walton Outdoors.

Bald Eagle in Northwest Florida, courtesy of Walton Outdoors.

The majestic Bald Eagle is one of the rare birds you could have the pleasure of witnessing while visiting Destin. This bird feeds on fish by swooping down and catching them in its talons. The Bald Eagle can fly with a fish equal to its weight. The Bald Eagle is our national bird and represents freedom. If you have the pleasure of sighting one, it will be an experience not soon forgotten.

Book Your Sailing Charter Today

No matter what type of wildlife you encounter while sailing with us on Smile N Wave Sailing Charters, you are sure to gather a ton of pictures and a lifetime of memories. To learn more, check out our sailing tours on our website and then book your sailing adventure with us!

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Destin Summer 2017 – Dolphin Cruises Aboard Our Catamaran

If you’re planning a Dolphin Cruise this summer, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Dolphin Cruises aboard our catamaran offer intimate and up-close encounters with Bottlenose Dolphins that you simply won’t get aboard a big party boat. Let us navigate you to great memories and great experiences on the waters of Destin, Florida.

Sailing In Destin Florida

The design of a sailing catamaran is uniquely suited for rich, natural, and connected experiences. We truly believe that touring the waters of paradise is just better when your vessel is powered by nature and the open feeling of a catamaran is an experience like none other.

Here are some pictures of us and our past sailing charters. We’re always happy to make memories with new friends so remember to share your pics with us on social media and you could see them in one of our future blog posts!

Dolphin Cruises Aboard Our Catamaran

Dolphin Cruises are one of the most popular attractions in Destin and we’ve got the best seats in Destin Harbor. Our catamaran can accommodate up to six guests, so bring the kids or a few friends.

Paradise On The Water

Of course, when you book a charter with us, there is always so much more to see. From Sea Turtles to Bald Eagles, the view from our catamaran is exceptional. Subscribe to our blog by submitting your email using the form in our footer or follow us on social media to keep up with Smile & Wave and to learn more about the local marine life along Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast. To see more images from our sailing charters, check out our gallery.

Book Your Sailing Charter

If you haven’t considered sailing as part of your summer and vacation planning, this is the perfect time to change that. Contact us today by calling 850-368-5921.

Thank you for your interest in Smile & Wave Sailing Adventures. We can’t wait to hear from you! Let us get you out in the water for Summer 2017 in Destin, Florida.

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This Is Why You Should Book A Sailing Charter For Your 2017 Spring Break

What makes Destin so gorgeous? In this blog, we will discuss what makes Destin so unique and some of the natural landscape you will be sure to enjoy while vacationing in Destin. The Emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico are the clearest at this time of year. Now is the perfect time to book your sailing charter in Destin Florida. Starting in Spring and ending in Fall, the waters remain a beautiful mixture of blue-green that makes Destin Florida such a desired vacation spot. Our sand is soft and some of the cleanest you will find on any coastline.

The Emerald Water

Our Emerald Water gets its color due to the distance from the muddy Mississippi River. The further the distance from the Mississippi River and it’s muddy sediment, the more clear the water. This is why Gulf waters further west are a darker color with not much vibrancy. It is also said that the algae on the sea floor also creates the more greenish hue.

Our White Sand

The Emerald Coast’s sugar white sand gets its beautiful color from the Apalachicola River, which stretches 130 miles east of Fort Walton Beach. The quartz sand material from these mountains is carried and delivered by the river depositing the sand along the Destin shores. This quartz sediment is also carried into the Gulf by way of streams, lakes and other tributaries. Due to its oval shape, the sand gives a squeaky sound when walking on it.

Be Mindful Of The Sand Dunes

Destin’s sand dunes are home to our natural wildlife, including bird and sea turtle nesting areas. When visiting Destin, you will quickly notice signs that warn you to stay off the dunes. This is also because the sand dunes act as a barrier and protector for our coastline during bad weather and heavy winds. As the sand is deposited onto the dunes, sea oats start to grow. These sea oats create a layer on top of the dunes and protect it from erosion. Too much activity on these dunes could cause our coastline damage so please be mindful of our dunes.

Emerald Coast Barrier Islands

The Emerald Coast is lined with many barrier islands. Barrier islands act as a buffer from storm waves. Okaloosa Island is one of the larger barrier islands. All of our barrier islands make a great nesting and landing ground for some of our gorgeous bird species, the Brown Pelican, Sandpipers, Seagulls and even some Bald Eagles.

Book Your Sailing Charter With Smile N Wave Today

Smile N Wave is your number one choice for Sailing Charters in Destin Florida. Our Sailing Charter will give you the best views of our gorgeous piece of Paradise. Captain Pam offers an interactive sailing tour with guided information about our area and the wildlife that inhabits our waters. She will also show the ins and outs of sailing to any curious passengers who want to learn more about the sailboat.

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A Sailboat Tour For Lovers In Paradise

“Lovers in Paradise” isn’t just an idea for a Hollywood movie or romance novel. It’s the life for lovers here on the white sands and emerald waters of Destin, Florida. Come along for a tour on our sailing catamaran for a taste of life and love on the Emerald Coast. The weather is superb with cool mornings and sunny, warm afternoons, gorgeous sunsets and of course, beautiful moonlit views over the Gulf of Mexico. You really can sail off into the sunset aboard Captain Pam’s sailboat!

Are you ready to pop the big question but not sure how to create that perfect moment? Taking your beloved on a cruise to surprise her with a marriage proposal is one of the best ways to express your unique love for your special lady. It will be a proposal that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Captain Pam will also help capture those perfect moments you will both treasure forever.

Located in Destin Florida, Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures is helping make your romantic dreams come true. Just in time for Valentines Day, our Sunset Sail and Moonlight Cruises offer the perfect passionate moment with your one of a kind sweetheart. Experience lifetime memories on this Catamaran boat. Your love story is beautiful so you want your proposal to be one of a kind!

On Paradise

Destin is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our water is emerald colored and our beaches are pristine white. There is always a gentle breeze and endless beauty. Being on a Charter Boat with a lot of other people can keep you from really relaxing and appreciating the natural beauty and peace of our area. There really is nothing else like it.

Enjoy our gallery of images from some of our favorite charters and tours. You can expect to see many of the same things pictured in our gallery and we sincerely hope you book with us and get a chance to experience this first-hand.


Don’t Go On Just Any Charter Boat, Go On A Sailboat!

Are you planning an early Spring Break in Destin Florida? Would you like to learn more about the romantic possibilities while touring on our boat? Read our previous blog Wedding At Sea. If you have experienced romance on one of our sailing charters, we would love to share your pictures with others on our website and Pinterest. Book online to secure your special date. Springtime charters will fill up fast. We look forward to sailing with you!


Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures - Sailing Charters - Destin Florida

Book Your Sailing Charters For Spring Break Now

Between the Harborwalk Village shopping and good eats to partying on Crab Island, there is diversity for all to enjoy. One of the highlights of the area, of course, is the beautiful beaches and water. Sailing is one of the best ways to relax, experience the Gulf of Mexico, and take in all the beauty of our surroundings, and Captain Pam hosts exceptional sailing tours on the Gulf of Mexico. Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures invites you to join us on one of our sailing charters. Whether you are interested in romance, snorkeling, fishing, dolphin spotting, or hanging out at Crab Island aboard our catamaran, we offer it all.

Book Your Sailing Charter With Captain Pam

As the season approaches our time slots will fill up quickly. This is an experience you don’t want to miss. Book your sailing charter now while we still have plenty of dates available. We can book your tour over the phone.

Since you’re already reading this, we want to share some information with you. Please take a moment to check out our Charter Information page, and the different types of tours we offer on our Sailing Tours page.

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Check us out online. Whatever you do, don’t miss an opportunity to sail on the happiest boat in Destin, Florida!



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Dolphin Cruises In Destin Florida

The Emerald Coast of Florida is a beautiful space. Some people visualize vacationing and even moving to Florida. While they envision our environment they can see emerald or blue water, palm trees, gorgeous beaches, boats, and dolphins. However, nothing can compare to seeing it for yourself. One of the best things about sailing the waters around Destin is the opportunity to observe the marine life in its own habitat. The majestic site of these amazing creatures, while they are synchronized swimming, is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Dolphin cruises can provide fun for the entire family and a chance to see some of the marvelous views Destin Florida has to offer.Dolphin Cruises In Destin Florida 00

Dolphin Cruises Make Lifetime Memories

When is the best time to spot a dolphin? The first thing to remember is the calmer the waters, the more visible the dolphins will be. Early morning voyage is a popular time to see these intelligent creatures. Also taking a smaller family sized catamaran on the water is better for sitings than larger dolphin cruises where there are fewer crowds and more freedom and room to take memorable pictures. Once you catch a glimpse of these wondrous creatures, you will find that they will put on a show for you. Check out another blog post we recently published, titled “Dolphin Tours In Destin“. We shared some really cool facts and information about our local Dolphin population.

Dolphin Cruises In Destin Florida 01

Book A Dolphin Cruise On Smile N Wave

Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures is located in Destin Florida. On our sailing catamaran, you will have the best seat in town. This seat offers the most stunning views and wondrous marine wildlife. If you have ever dreamed of spending time in nature with the friendly marine world, dolphin cruises are the way to go. We offer a private and informative cruise on the expansive waters of the Gulf Coast. Captain Pam welcomes everyone and even volunteers hands-on instruction for no additional charge. We have a sound system so you can enjoy the music of your choice while we cruise. Dolphin Cruises In Destin Florida 02



Sailing On Pinterest In 2017 Featured Image

Sailing On Pinterest In 2017

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Now that the rushed activities of the holiday are over, we can all look forward to a new year full of hope and possibilities. There is no better time than now to set resolutions and make some positive changes. I’m sure everyone has an idea of the things they would like to see happen in 2017. We would like to see more of your smiling faces as you enjoy one of our amazing charters. We here at Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures in Destin Florida would like to wish you a very happy and joyful New Year.

We’re On Pinterest!

We are starting the new year off with a Pinterest account and hope that you will follow our boards and share our pins with your family and friends. Our sailing charters and pictures will be highlighted so watch for any pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Pinterest is a great way for us to connect to our guests and locals. It is a great place to showcase the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast, our dolphin friends and of course the sunset and moonlit pictures.

Sailing In To 2017

We would love for you to join us on one of our sailing charters. If you are planning a Spring Break trip, now is the perfect time to book with us. Our schedules fill up quickly during the tourist season. We would also love to accommodate your sailing wishes so book early with us! For everyone who sailed with us in 2016, we want to sincerely thank you for choosing us to be your guide on the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. If you haven’t already sent us your pictures from your adventures with us, please do so we can share them on Pinterest with our followers. Don’t forget, Smile N Wave is still sailing during off season so it’s never to early to schedule a tour with us.

Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures - Sailing Charters - Destin Florida

Happy Thanksgiving Destin & Friends

It is the start of the holiday season and we are still sailing! We are thankful every day for the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. This Thanksgiving we want to take the time to say a special thank you to all of our customers, near and far away who book sailing charters with us. We love sailing on our catamaran and we are thrilled to put a smile on your face when you join us on the open waters of Destin Florida. It is our honor and pleasure to serve you year round! We also want to thank our family and friends who support us every day, we couldn’t do this without you!

Giving Thanks In Destin

When you gather with your families this holiday season, take the time to appreciate all the blessings in life. While the delicious meals, football, Christmas decorating and shopping are things we look forward to, time with our loved ones is what really matters to us all. Why not book one of our sailing tours and have some outdoor fun with those you love the most? If only every day could be like the holiday season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Sail Away With Captain Pam

As a reminder, we sail all year long. There isn’t a time (weather permitting of course) that we aren’t in business. Fall and Winter is actually a great time to enjoy the beautiful Destin water without all the extra traffic. Seclusion on an open sea, it really doesn’t get much more relaxing than that! Just remember your jackets because the wind can be a bit brisk this time of year even in sunny Destin. Of course because it is Florida, we have some warmer days even in the winter time 🙂 Call to book a sailing charter with us today!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home in Destin to yours! 

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Dolphin Tours In Destin

Sailing the beautiful open waters of the Emerald Coast of Destin which includes the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay is an experience like no other. No matter what time of year, the waters are majestic. We have many aquatic wonders in our area. Sea turtles, dolphins, beautiful fish and of course the various types of birds. We offer dolphin tours that will put you face to face with some of these amazing creatures. Dolphins are incredible sea mammals that our prevalent in our coastal areas. The bottle nose dolphin is the most common here in Destin.

Did you know that bottle nosed dolphins are said to be one of the most intelligent mammals only second to humans? They are also thought to feel emotions similarly to humans. These are the most social creatures you will find in the water. They love to travel alongside our sailing catamaran and join in the fun. They can be seen in pods of up to 30 dolphins and even more the further you get out to sea. You can learn more about these amazing dolphins in our area by visiting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Children Love Our Sailing Tours!

With all the technology we have today, children spend more time indoors than ever before. Our dolphin tours offer the kids a chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while having a lot of fun! Captain Pam loves to teach the little ones about sailing and the amazing wildlife we see on our tours. Looking for a family adventure? Look no further than our dolphin tours!

Book One Of Our Dolphin Tours

We love helping you make memories with the ones you love and we are certain that sailing on Smile N Wave with Captain Pam will leave you with lots of smiles and great pictures to share with your family and friends. We love sharing adventure with you and taking one of our Dolphin Tours you are sure to see many of our beautiful friends along the way. Book your sailing charter today!

Try One of Our Snorkeling Tours

We offer a variety of sailing tours and dolphin tours is just one of our favorites. Another fun family charter is our Snorkeling Tour. Snorkeling is a fun and safe way to experience our aquatic life in the coastal areas that can not be reached by foot or car. Search for sand dollars and shells you can keep as souvenirs. Most of all, you will love all the colorful sights to behold when you venture into the waters of Destin.