Sail and Dine with Captain Pam

Captain Pam is expanding her sailing charters to include a half-day or full-day Sail and Dine Cruise. This exciting new charter is available for anyone ready to have a great time on vacation or locals who need to unwind and reconnect to nature while enjoying a good meal. You choose your restaurant and dine in or enjoy your delicious mail while we sail. This sailing package is only available for half-day and full-day bookings.

Dine and Sail

Destin has many locally-owned restaurants that offer delicious meals with a relaxing atmosphere. Our area is well known for its local seafood. Some of our favorites are Dock on The Island, Harbor Docks, and the Gulf. These restaurants always provide freshly caught seafood. Other restaurants are available. Captain Pam will wait for you to eat or pick up your meal, and then we sail into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Things To Do In Destin

It is the perfect time to visit Destin, Florida, and experience the slower seasons in our quaint little fishing town. If you have been wanting to vacation but don’t want to deal with the crowds, the winter months are perfect for you. Even during winter, we have plenty of sunshine in Paradise. There are so many Things To Do in Destin excellent for couples or families of all ages. Check out our previous blog Captain Pam’s Favorite Things To Do, to learn about some of the hidden gems in Destin, Florida.

Book Your Sail and Dine

If you are ready for a beautiful relaxing day on the water and some good eats, Contact Us to book a Dine and Sail Charter. Charter prices do not include the cost of your meal. Keep in touch with us on social media by liking and following us on Facebook.

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