Ash Spreading and Memorial on The Gulf

Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures loves making our guests happy, but we are also here for you in times of loss. Our Ash Spreading and Memorial Services are for anyone who wants to hold this type of service in the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe your loved one had a last wish, or you wish to honor their memory uniquely. Whatever the case may be, Captain Pam is here to accommodate your requests.

Ash Spreading Memorial

During the Ash Spreading Memorial, we will travel into the Gulf of Mexico, where your coordinates will be saved and given to you so you can find the precise location later. Captain Pam requires a Three-Hour Charter for this type of service. This amount of time allows us to get further out from the coast, where you can experience an intimate moment for your loved one. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ash Spreading Memorials are a beautiful way to remember those no longer with us. If you do not wish to include Ash Spreading as part of your Memorial at Sea, that's no problem. Let us know when booking that the charter is for a memorial is the purpose of your sailing charter so we can plan your trip accordingly. The regular hourly rate applies to this service. Please share this with your friends and family to be aware this service is available.

Schedule A Memorial Charter

If you would like to utilize the Ash Spreading and Memorial Services in Destin, Florida, please contact us for more information and booking. Also, like and follow Smile N Wave on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest sailing news and images. Does this blog not suit your situation? If not, learn more about our Sailing Packages and see if one of them fits your needs.

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