Sailing With Our Aquatic Buddies

The Gulf Of Mexico hosts some pretty friendly Aquatic Mammals, like the Tursiops Truncatus, or Bottle Nose Dolphin. These happy mammals are some of our best friends, they are highly intelligent, and they love meeting new people.

About The Bottle-Nose Dolphin

You may not realize how many types of Dolphins there are. Though there are many, the most common to the waters of Destin are the Bottlenose Dolphin. These Dolphins are really friendly and can be just as curious about you as you are about them. They can often be seen swimming alongside boats, and while they may not get too close to swimmers, they certainly don't pass up a chance to get your attention when you're in their comfort zone.

Some people mistakenly call them porpoises but that is a common mistake. You can recognize them by the blue-grey color and lighter undersides. Their size ranges from 6 to 12 feet and can consume more than 20 pounds of invertebrate fish per day. They are extremely intelligent and they show it in their range of vocalization and friendly nature.

Bottlenose Dolphins travel in packs of 10-100 depending on whether they are close to shore or out at sea. They have a social structure much like a family and work together against predators and even in finding their next meal. It's no wonder we are so fascinated with these spectacular creatures. There is nothing quite like the combination of sailing these beautiful waters and getting to know our aquatic friends.

Book A Dolphin Excursion Today

Dolphins are locals like us, so even if you are up for one of our other great excursions, we are sure to see our friends along the way. Come out with us for a great time on the water and meet our friends. Contact us to book some real fun with these amazing sea creatures. This is a Destin experience you don't want to miss.

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