Party On Crab Island

Party Like The Locals

The coolest thing about Crab Island is that it isn't really an island. It's a sandbar on the bay side of the Destin pass where locals and tourists alike come to anchor their boats, party, swim, cookout, and swim or walk to one of the floating restaurant shacks for a bite to eat or a drink.

Socialize On Crab Island

The water is clear and emerald colored, the sand under your feet is white, and the fun is endless. There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself on Crab Island. So many new friends, socializing while standing in little more than waist deep water, enjoying a cold beverage.

You can walk, wade or swim over to one of the floating huts to grab a bite to eat and enjoy relaxing in the middle of the submerged island, floating on a tropical shanty. Tubes and floats are yet another way to enjoy your time in this unbelievably cool spot in paradise. Floating from one buddy to another then back.

This is the party of parties. If you came to Destin for a good time, look no further. Let us take you out to Crab Island for the coolest party you've ever been to. Of course, you'll need to bring something to keep your money and phone dry. Pictures or it didn't happen! You know you want to Facebook a pic of you at this party. Don't forget to BYOB 😀

Book Your Party Charter

You can't say you've experienced Destin culture until you've come out to party with us on Crab Island and Captain Pam is your party Captain. Contact us directly to book your sailing charter. Don't miss out on the most exotic party spot in the World, Crab Island.

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