The Best Dolphin Tour In Destin Florida

The Best Dolphin Tour In Destin Florida Featured Image

Taking a Dolphin Tour in Destin Florida is a great family activity and I am happy to share our experience with you. Our adventure on the best sailing charter in Destin Florida began on the Harborwalk Marina. Captain Pam greeted us warmly and we all climbed aboard Smile N Wave’s catamaran. The size of the sailboat is not apparent in pictures, this thing is huge with plenty of room for a group of six.

Our Dolphin Tour On The Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast is beautiful in Early Spring. The Gulf Of Mexico is warming up and the blue-green of the water is very clear. When we set off on this dolphin tour adventure, I had no idea these aquatic friends would be so plentiful and easy to spot. Moments after pulling out of the boat slip, we started spotting dolphins. The pelicans were also flying overhead in front of the sailboat. The aquatic life and wildlife are abundant on the Emerald Coast.

As Captain Pam was navigating the sailboat past the jetties, there were baby dolphins! She was continually pointing out dolphins as we drifted along. That’s when she set the sails and our teenage boy was happy to assist. She even taught him how to navigate the boat when we got into the open waters of the Gulf.

Sailing The Waters Of Destin

Once on the open water, it was only a matter of minutes before the dolphins started swimming all around the sailboat. The dolphins really put on a show for their audience as they jump out of the water and swim together. They seem to respond to Captain Pam’s calls and she made sure we got an up-close view of them at play.

We heard on the radio that there was a lot of dolphin activity towards the beach so Captain Pam set the sails and headed towards them. As we got close, she explained how the dolphins feed. It did not take long for us to spot a group of them swimming quickly around as they ate their dinner. It is unbelievable how close they allow the boats to get in their natural habitat. The Pelicans were feeding in the same area. The wildlife here is out of this world.

Below are some awesome pictures from some of Captain Pam’s Dolphin Tours.

Climb Aboard Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures

The tranquility of the open sea with the beautiful backdrop of the beaches of Destin is one of the most relaxing experiences in Florida. It was a little cool and windy and Captain Pam made sure we were all comfortable and warm. Her hospitality on the boat made us feel at home. I love the way she included the kids in our adventure. It was an amazing experience and this is certainly a dolphin tour you do not want to miss. Captain Pam definitely makes the experience one you will remember for the rest your life. Call 850-368-5921 to learn more about Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures.

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