Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures - Featured Image for Sea Turtle Migration

Sea Turtle Migration

If you live in Florida, chances are you have seen a sea turtle at some point. Did you know that we have five different species of sea turtles that inhabit our waters during certain months of the year? Two types of nesting turtles we have here are the loggerhead which is the most common. We also have the less common leatherback. There may be as many as 50, ooo sea turtles at a time here during the summer months. Sea turtles generally come to nest on the beaches in May and hatching proceeds usually through October. Once a mama sea turtle lays her eggs, she swims back out to sea never to return to the nest.

The Miracle Of The Sea Turtle

When the baby hatchlings are ready to come out of their shells they move around a lot until the nest is broken. Then they climb out of the sand by the hundreds and make a mad dash for the Gulf. It is very important to note that baby sea turtles go towards natural light cast from the moon and crest of the waves when venturing into the water. Artificial lights from porches, docks, boats and flashlights can cause confusion. This leaves many of the babies vulnerable and moving the wrong way. Please leave your lights off if it is nesting or hatching time on our beaches.

Join Us On A Sailing Adventure

Sea turtles have been around for over one hundred million years but unfortunately many of the species are endangered. So it is a phenomenal sight when you are able to catch a glimpse of one of these amazing reptiles while you are on a sailing charter with Smile N Wave Sailing Adventures. Do you love sea creatures as much as we do? Take a Dolphin Cruise with us and witness the lively nature of some of the Gulf’s most amazing marine life.


Moonlight Romance

Have you ever sat under a star filled, moonlit sky with a breeze on your face watching the ocean waves lap onto the shore? If so, then you know how serene these moments can be. If not, you are truly missing out on a peaceful and energizing experience. Now imagine you are on a sailboat in the middle of the Gulf or Bay, with the moon glistening off the water as you take in all the beauty around you. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The great news is, it is within your reach and totally obtainable! This week we have a Full Moon and that is perfect timing for a moonlight cruise.

Moonlight Romance

Make Someone Smile In The Moonlight!

We offer a moonlight cruise that will surely recharge, relax and inspire you. Have a sweetheart you want to take on a date but not sure what to do? We have a solution! Try our moonlight cruise. Surely there is no better display of romance than one of our cruises. There is a reason why so many are choosing to propose marriage on a sailboat. There’s just something magical about being on the beautiful waters of Destin with the one you love.

Start Your Evening With A Sunset Sail!

If you have been outside during the Sunset this week, then you have probably seen a view of the moon while the Sun is still visible in the sky. The only thing better than taking a moonlight cruise with your sweetheart is by starting the evening with our Sunset Sail. You may even catch a glimpse of the magnificent dolphins that love to swim alongside our sailboat. Can you picture a better date? Bring along some snacks and your favorite beverage and you have set the stage for a date that will be remembered for many years to come.